Global Gala

Shelly Somerville

Donor, Sponsorship and Community Relations Coordinator

Your 2017 Global Gala Committee: 

If you would like to make a donation towards our health initiatives in Africa please click here for our GoFundMe link. Alternately, send us an email (to the left) and we would be happy to personally arrange another option. 

All funds raised go directly to projects in Ghana and Zambia.

We will keep everyone posted as we count or final total of funds raised for these initiatives!


                                                         Thank you for your support!
                                                                      - 2017 Global Gala



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Adia Van Buren

Gala Chair and Financial Coordinator

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Rebekah McCallum

OkaZHI Gala Mentor

Julia Roth

Media Relations, Event Promotion and Volunteer Coordinator

Samantha Steele

Event Program Coordinator